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10 of the Most Scenic Places in New Zealand – Amazing 360-Degree Images

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Lake Tekapo

The brilliant turquoise color of Lake Tekapo comes from suspended minerals in the waters. The reflecting light gives off this beautiful dreamy color. Many of the lakes and glacier fed pools in New Zealand reflect in the same way to due the glacier melt picking up minerals along the way.

Ruahine Forest Park

Ruahine Forest walks are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. They offer a great look at New Zealand’s diverse vegetation and rock formations. Alpine vegetation, dense forest and summer flowers can all be seen in Ruahine Forest. You can even plan a camping adventure and stay the night in an accommodation hut, maintained by the Department of Conservation. Hike all day, sleep in the great outdoors and awake to one of the most beautiful sunrises you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

Tunnel Beach

If you look to the right in the image, you’ll see a hole just large enough for a human to walk through. Hand-carved more than 150 years ago, this tunnel is the only way to access Tunnel Beach. Descend the dark staircase and see some fossilized history in the walls. Shell fragments, imprints and ancient fossils line the rock, a stunning reminder of the site’s rich history. Once you get to the bottom, relish this beach’s seclusion and great rock walls surrounding the water.

Wharariki Beach

Wharariki Beach is home to the Archway Islands, those sprouting rock formations that dot the wide shore. These rock stacks are sort of in between a regular formation and an actual island, considering they can measure nearly 1000 feet wide and over 600 feet tall. This beach is nearly 3 miles away from any main roads, so you’re required to walk from the road end to the shore. This means, however, that you’re likely to enjoy relative seclusion free from crowds.


Of course, no visit to New Zealand is complete without a trip to Hobbiton. Ever since the films wrapped, Hobbiton has been kept up as one of New Zealand’s major tourist attractions. See the Hobbit holes and homes, see Bilbo’s house from the films and have a bite at the Green Dragon Inn. See The Shire with a guided tour and get an in-depth history of the breathtaking village of Hobbiton.

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