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Kaikoura Maori Tour [CHC60]
Day Tour, Maori Tour, Kaikoura, New Zealand

Enjoy your half day tour in a combination of laughter, learning and storytelling with hands on activities and a bushwalk to discover traditional uses of trees and plants as food and medicine.

Travel with us by mini-coach to some of our important places, and be introduced to them through our eyes as we share secrets of the landscape through stories handed down from our ancestors.

Right from the start you’ll be involved and as you join in customs and traditions – like weaving with harakeke (flax) and learning a Maori greeting – you can ask questions so you learn about the things you’re curious about.

Midway through we’ll stop for light refreshments and then travel to one of Kaikoura’s bush walkways where you’ll discover uses of trees and plants as food and medicine. The majority of New Zealand’s native bush is endemic so you’ll be in a landscape found nowhere else in the natural world – and again through stories you’ll come to know how Maori people view the world.

As your time with us draws to a close you’ll realise you have gained a rare insight and understanding of Maori people and way of life. You’ll receive a small memento to help you remember your time with us and for you to share with your own family and friends.

So ‘stand in the heart of the day’ with us and be part of a REAL cultural exchange that’s intimate and personal with a maximum of 10 guests per tour.

Operates all year round – up to two departures daily at 9:00am and/or 1:30pm – allow 3.5 hours

10 guests per tour – minimum numbers apply