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Piha Canyon [AKL70]
Day Tour, Piha Canyon, Auckland, New Zealand

On your vacation participate in a unique wilderness experience at Piha Canyon in the Waitakere Park Ranges on New Zealand’s North Island.

Start your canyon experience… abseiling under showering waterfalls separated by tranquil pools of blues and greens. Jumps and caves and slides will be your means to explore a canyon rich with the historic pioneering logging dams of 100 years ago!

Descending further into the canyon is a constant discovery of otherwise unreachable views and majestic spots. Continuing through tunnels, over boulders and under logs, you may test your courage by jumping into plunge pools and abseiling right into waterfalls.

The last jump.. (or abseil) – and suddenly you’re out of the canyon, back to the world we live in, but feeling refreshed in spirit! After a 5 minute gentle stroll, its time to lose the wetsuit and reap the rewards deserved after any good bush adventure.

On the beach.. soaking up the warmth of the black iron sands, pleasant company and of course you might like to bring a beer or two! Reflect on the day and tell a yarn or just sit quietly and admire the Tasman Sea’s waves rolling up the beach.

Minimum age 12 years. Any booking of less than 4 pax will be confirmed as tentative.