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Fox Glacier Trail [FRNZ40]
Day Tour, Fox Glacier Trail, Fox Glacier, New Zealand

This is an informative and leisurely trip to the dynamic face of the glacier. It is here that the Fox River emerges from the ice and where ice collapses are often heard and seen.

Although you will not walk on the glacier, your guide will take you to visit the final resting place of ice that has travelled 13 kilometers from the base of the Southern Alps, all the way to the river valley floor. You will have the opportunity to learn the role of the Fox Glacier in shaping its environment.This two hour trip is reasonably easy going. About one and a half hours is spent walking over gentle terrain. There is a strong focus on providing you with quality interpretation so you can learn about the glacier and the surrounding environment.It is possible to view the cave at the terminal face of the ice from which the Fox River emerges.