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Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance protects you, your family and your investment in your vacation against unforeseen events.  Should something go wrong and you have coverage, then you and your family will receive help and financial compensation.

Do I need Travel Insurance? 

Yes, we strongly recommend travel insurance to everyone.  Otherwise you will be traveling ‘at your own risk’.

What determines the cost of Travel Insurance?   

Age, Trip Cost and Trip Length

List some reasons why I should consider purchasing Travel Insurance…

Travel insurance protects you against Financial Loss due to Trip Interruption and Unforeseen Events such as:

  • Natural disasters (e.g. Earthquakes, Floods)
  • Flight delays, cancelled flights, missed-connections
  • Strikes (e.g. Airlines)
  • Financial Default of a provider (e.g. Airline, Hotel, Tour Provider, Agency)
  • Travel insurance includes coverage for Medical Evacuation and Treatment if an accident should occur during your trip.
  • If an accident or health issue arises with a Family member before you depart on your vacation, even if the injured Family member is not traveling with you on the trip, and you decide not to travel, then you can claim a full refund of your Trip Cost.  Family members who are covered include your Mother, Father, Grandparents, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, In-laws, Step-children and Care-givers (one exception being ‘Cousins’).  If the insurance is purchased within 15 days from Trip Deposit then the policy will also cover “Pre-Existing” Medical Conditions for  you and your extended family.
  • Travel insurance offers compensation for Lost or Delayed Baggage
  • Higher level policies offer coverage options for “Work/Scheduling conflicts” and  even “Change your Mind” or “Cancel for Any Reason”.  These options tend to be more expensive, but worth it for those at high risk for schedule changes.
  • Children are insured for free on some Family Policies.

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