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Terms, Conditions & Important Travel Tips

  1. Airlines may change flight schedules without notification, so please confirm your flights with the airlines the day before departure (Qantas Toll Free: 1800 2274500 USA, or 131223 Australia).
  2. Qantas Airlines restrict checked baggage to 2 pieces (50 pounds per piece) per person plus 1 carry-on bag (15 pounds).  This allowance is applicable to all your Qantas flights in your booking (including both International and Domestic sectors).  However some flights in Australia (e.g. to Heron Island) are restricted to 1 piece per person plus a carry-on. Please check with the Airlines for baggage restrictions associated with your flights before you depart the USA. Penalties may be issued by the Airlines as a result of excess baggage. Excess baggage penalties are the responsibility of the client (person(s) traveling) and not About Australia. If you wish to travel with more than the checked baggage allowance you can pre-purchase an Additional Baggage Allowance before you go, at lower rates than Airport Excess Baggage charges.
    More details at: http://www.qantas.com/baggage
  3. Please confirm with the airlines at Check-in that they have all your Frequent Flyer information on record (e.g. Advantage Rewards Program with American Airlines etc).
  4. “Advance Seat Selection” for QANTAS flights is available online (fees apply):
  5. “Exit Row Seats” may be requested for QANTAS flights in advance online (fees apply):
  6. To enquire about upgrades, please contact your About Australia representative on 1888-3592877 (Toll Free within the USA).  Upgrades need to be in-place prior to your USA departure.  Upgrades that may be available to you:QANTAS International flights from “Economy” to “Premium Economy”, “Business” or “First Class”.      http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/international-business-class/global/en
    Accommodation upgrades to “Five” Star
    Airport transfers from “Shuttles” to “Private Car Transfers”
    Island transfers from “Ferry” to “Helicopter”
    Addition of “Day Tours”. For example: Scenic Flights, Helicopter rides over the Great Barrier Reef, Hot Air Balloon Rides & many more.  Please phone for details 1-888-3592877 (Toll Free within the USA).
  7. If your International Flights were booked and paid through “About Australia”, then your Visas for Entry into Australia were also processed by About Australia directly with the Australian Government. During check-in for your International flight if you are asked about your Visa’s please advise the airlines that they were processed directly by your Travel Agent.
  8. If your International Flights were booked and paid through “About Australia”, then your passport details have been updated into your flight reservations (as required by Law) for the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) “Secure Flight Program”. http://www.tsa.gov/stakeholders/secure-flight-program
  9. We don’t recommend you exchange USD for foreign currency (e.g. AUD, NZD, FJD) before departure from the USA. It’s easier and generally cheaper to withdraw foreign currency from local ATM’s after you arrive in that country.
  10. You can withdraw Australian dollars from ATMs in Australia using a Visa or MasterCard (please confirm with your bank that your card is set-up correctly). Here is a link that you can use to help you locate ATMs in Australia: http://www.visa.com/atmlocator/index.jsp#(page:home)
  11. Visa and MasterCard are probably the most popular credit cards used in Australia & NZ. American Express Credit Cards are also widely used, but may not be accepted as widely as Visa and MasterCard. American Express Travelers Checks are also widely accepted throughout Australia & NZ. Discover Cards are not commonly accepted in Australia or NZ.
  12. Please contact your Bank(s) for your Credit Card(s) and advise the Security Department of the dates that you will be traveling to Australia/New Zealand. If you do not let them know they may “cancel” your Credit Card as soon as they see unusual Foreign Transactions appearing on your account. THIS IS IMPORTANT – PHONE THEM RIGHT NOW!
  13. Scuba diving in Australia: If you suffer from a medical condition (e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart or lung disorders) or are taking medication, you will be required to present a Medical Form (Certificate of Health) from an accredited Medical Practitioner before diving instructors will allow you to dive.  To avoid disappointment please check the Australian Dive Operator’s Medical & Safety Requirements prior to travel.  The “24 Hour No Fly” policy applies (i.e. no flying on any airplanes within 24 hours of a dive). Please make sure that you DO NOT plan to dive if you are required to fly the following day. Certified Divers are required to produce their Certification Cards when boarding the boat, please remember to bring your Certification Cards with you.
  14. Australia and NZ are well serviced with many ATM facilities that are globally connected.
  15. Please report to your pick-up locations for your Tours and Car Transfers in a timely manner.  Drivers are often on tight schedules and do not wait for people running late.  Tours and Transfers are non-refundable.
  16. Taxis are readily available throughout Australia and they accept Cash & Credit Cards.
  17. Penalty fees will be imposed directly to the client’s credit card in the event of a Rent-A-Vehicle not being returned to the Depot, returned late, or returned with damage. With all Rent-A-Vehicles we require the client to pay for their own Fuel and Insurance (pay-as-you-go).
  18. Remember to take your “American Driver’s License” if you will be driving a Rental Vehicle.
  19. Any changes made to the itinerary by the client that result in penalty fees will be the responsibility of the client and not About Australia (e.g. “fees” resulting from changes to flights, hotel, car or tour bookings).
  20. Any itinerary changes requested by the client after bookings are in place will result in a minimum $100 fee from About Australia. This fee is in-addition to any other fees issued by other providers (e.g. Airlines, Hotels & Tour Operators).
  21. Please visit Our Cancellation Page for About Australia’s current Cancellation Policy.
  22. About Australia reserves the right to adjust the amount of any outstanding balances at any time according to USA/Australia Exchange Rate variations.
  23. About Australia is not responsible for loss associated with Visa’s for entry into Australia.
    Phone numbers for your Hotels & Tour Operators can be found on your Vouchers. Leave a copy of your Vouchers & Itinerary with your family/friends so they can contact you while you are away. For other information on Australian
  24. Phone Numbers, Addresses & Time zones see URL: www.whitepages.com.au. For New Zealand: www.whitepages.co.nz
  25. For Weather forecasts and updates please refer to local Australian Newspapers (websites) such as the Sydney Morning Herald www.smh.com.au. Weather is reported in Degrees Celsius (Centigrade) in Australia. To convert to Fahrenheit (F) the formula is: F = 9/5 (C) +32
  26. For New Zealand Climate information please see: New Zealand Weather
  27. Common date format in Australia is: DD/MM/YY (not MM/DD/YY).
  28. To dial an Australian Phone Number from the USA use the following example as a guide. To phone Heron Island Resort the Australian Number is (07) 4972 9055. From the USA dial 011-61-7-49729055. ‘011’ to dial another country, ‘61’ is the country code for Australia, ‘07’ is the Area Code for the Australian State of Queensland (drop the ‘0’ when dialing from the USA) and 49729055 is the local phone number.
  29. Prepaid Phone Cards can be used to dial both National and International numbers (e.g. USA) from within Australia & New Zealand.  They are available for purchase over-the-counter at most Service Stations (Gas Stations), News Agencies, Grocery and Convenience Stores.  Most phone cards work by dialing a local Toll-Free number, then your Phone Card’s Account Number and PIN, then you are able to make your call. Prepaid Phone Cards can be purchased in many denominations (e.g. $10, 20, $50…).  NB: Rates will vary depending on the card you purchase.  It’s not uncommon to find cards with rates as low as “2c per minute” for an International Call from Australia to the USA.
  30. Cell (mobile) phones or SIM cards can “rented” for short periods of time from service counters in many of Australia’s & New Zealand’s major airports.  See: http://www.vodarent.co.nz.  Note: Locals do not use the term “cell phone” instead they call it a “mobile phone”.
  31. If you are taking your own cell (mobile) phone abroad, please contact your service provider to determine the Rates & Plans available to you.  We recommend you clarify the rates to: activate/de-activate the plan, receive calls, dial calls, receive text messages, send text messages and data roaming charges (email, web-browsing).  Should you be required to activate an “International Plan” on your phone, please remember to deactivate the plan when you return to the USA.  When abroad, turning off “Data Roaming” in your phone’s settings may help you avoid excessive roaming charges.
  32. The Australian Government’s Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) enables tourists to claim a refund, subject to certain conditions, of the goods and services tax (GST) and wine equalisation tax (WET) that you pay on goods you buy in Australia.  You may claim your refund at the International Airport prior to your scheduled departure from Australia.  To learn more about how to make a claim please see: http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4646.asp
    Visitors to New Zealand must pay GST on all goods and services that they buy in New Zealand. There is no refund of GST available when you leave New Zealand.
  33. To find the current ‘Time’ for any location within Australia go to www.worldtimeserver.com. It will also display the ‘Time Difference’ from your location to any location within Australia.
  34. For online Australian Street & City Maps go to www.whereis.com.au.
  35. Hint: Photocopy all your important documents (e.g. Credit Cards, I.D.’s, Tickets, Vouchers, Licenses, Travel Insurance Info…) and keep a copy in a safe place. This copy will be extremely useful should you lose your wallet, purse or baggage.
  36. We recommend you take your medication with you in your carry-on luggage to avoid any medical problems in the event that your checked luggage is delayed or lost.
  37. As a pedestrian please be careful when crossing streets in Australia & New Zealand – look BOTH WAYS before you cross.  Vehicles drive on the left side of the road and therefore will approach you from the opposite direction to which you are accustomed.
  38. In case of an Emergency whilst in Australia Dial “000” (not 911). And in New Zealand Dial “111”.

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