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Hangi Feast [ROT10]
Day Tour, Hangi Feast, Rotorua, New Zealand

Be entertained by the award-winning Matariki Concert group, view the raising of the Hangi and feast on traditional New Zealand food!

Experience the warmth and spirit of the natives of New Zealand through their food and culture! View the place where it all starts, the Hangi. A Hangi is the Maori method of cooking in an outdoor pit which produces rich, succulent food with a flavour quite unlike anything else. With this feast you will get to taste traditional hangi foods including breads, soups, salads, meats, vegetables, deserts and drinks. After your meal relax in the cultural centre and prepare to indulge your mind. You will be entertained and enchanted by the poi dance, the haka (war dance), and traditional songs and stick games. By the night’s end you will know you have truly experienced a one in a lifetime native tradition!