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Tongariro Crossing [TUO10]
Day Tour, Tongariro Crossing, Taupo, New Zealand

Come and experience the magic of the Tongariro region in Summer.

We guide the Tongariro Alpine Crossing all year and every day mother-nature allows us a safe and enjoyable passage. Summer Crossings are from 1st Nov – 30 Jun or when daylight hours are plentiful and snow and ice has cleared from the track.

For our summer guided trips, we want to provide our clients with a really personal, informative and friendly day they will never forget. Luckily the beautiful scenery does a lot of the work for us but we have tailored this trip so that group sizes are small, your guides are well informed and are able to provide you with an experience we ourselves would like to have. Your guide will also ‘work behind the scenes’ constantly assessing the weather and track conditions, timing for your Ketetahi personalized transport pick-up, and other little details that will maximize your enjoyment.
They can also tailor the trip to accommodate different fitness levels and know a few tricks about avoiding weather exposed or crowded areas.

The route from Mangatepopo to Ketetahi is about 19 kms and there is a track description below. A reasonably good level of fitness is required. If you are concerned about your fitness please let your guide know before commencing the walk, as there are options they may be able to offer if your concerns come to fruition. Walking time is about 7 hours including stops. No alpine experience is required.