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Fly Fishing [ZQN140]
Day Tour, Fly Fishing in Queenstown

On your vacation participate in a half-day guided fly fishing excursion in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Your fly fishing trip will introduce you to some of the best and most remote New Zealand fly fishing waters. Your trip will take you into areas of magnificent scenery, majestic mountains, beech forest, crystal clear mountain rivers and streams. Amongst all this, you’ll stalk and cast to sighted brown or rainbow trout.
Imagine yourself walking through wide open river valleys for mile after mile without another angler in sight. With your tour guides in-depth knowledge of 19 rivers in and around Queenstown and Central Otago, New Zealand, you’ll have the supreme fly fishing experience – casting to fish that you have sighted and stalked with the skill of a hunter. Take the time to savour the beauty and drama of the environment while indulging in your primal instincts. You can be sure that upon your return to civilization, you’ll have lasting memories of a true wilderness experience.

Tours are available from October through April.