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Dunedin Track & Trail [DUD20]
Day Tour, Track & Trail, Dunedin, New Zealand

The Track and Trail Connection journey travels between the delightful Dunedin and Queenstown.

Your train ride can take you from Dunedin to Queenstown, or vice-versa, on a special train’n’coach tour.

This journey offers you the chance to view the spectacular scenery of Central Otago with its bizarre schist rock tours, desert landscapes, orchards, vineyards, blue lakes, high mountains and wild river gorges.

Experience the wonderful variety of views that only Central Otago offers, and enjoy a full commentary on both train and coach.

The normal running time for a coach from Pukerangi to Queenstown is 4 hours but this can be varied to suit your groups’ needs.

Daily Timetable:
Departs Dunedin – (via Train) 9:30AM

Arrives Queenstown – (via Coach)

This tour can also operate in reverse.