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COVID Travel Requirements for New Zealand

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Interested in planning a trip to New Zealand and want to understand the COVID travel requirements?  As specialists in the South Pacific, About New Zealand is keeping a close eye on the latest restrictions. Our goal is to ensure you understand the travel requirements and their costs so you have a “no-worries mate” vacation!

We will update this as often as possible, but please understand these are fluid and may change. Costs associated with travel requirements to New Zealand are not included in your itinerary unless specifically listed. We will update this information with approximate costs as we become aware of them.

Last Updated: 6/13/2022

Going to New Zealand

Travelers are reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the requirements of the airline you are traveling with and any countries you transit through.

Here’s what you need to travel to New Zealand

More Details

To stay up to date on New Zealand Travel Requirements, click here.

Proof of Full Vaccination

You will need to provide proof of vaccination in the form of a paper or digital certificate. If you have your paper card CDC vaccination card, you can use this to enter New Zealand. If you have lost your card or if you are interested in obtaining a verified digital vaccine certificate, please click here to find out more information. If possible, we do recommend a digital certificate for stress free travel. It will allow you to pull up your verified record in the event you lose your card while traveling. 

Are you considered fully vaccinated?  New Zealand will consider you fully vaccinated with  1 shot Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) or 2 shots of  Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech. For a complete list of accepted vaccines and their required doses,  click here.

New Zealand Traveller Declaration

All inbound travelers must complete an New Zealand Traveller Declaration within 28 days before to departure. This is a form that may be filled out online on your desktop computer or mobile device through the New Zealand Traveller Declaration website. When filling out the declaration, you will need to provide your contact details, declare your vaccination status, passport information, and provide a negative Covid pre-departure test taken within 24 – 48 hours (depending on your test).

Pre-departure Testing

The New Zealand Government requires proof of a negative Covid-19 test prior to departure. You’ll also need this to complete your New Zealand Traveller Declaration. This can be in the form of a rapid antigen test  (RAT), loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. The timeframes for testing depend on the type of test:

  • PCR tests must be administered no more than 48 hours before the scheduled departure of your international flight to New Zealand
  • RAT tests must be supervised and administered no more than 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your international flight to New Zealand
  • LAMP tests must be supervised and administered no more than 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your international flight to New Zealand

You will need acceptable pre-departure documentation of your test results. Please visit the New Zealand Covid-19 website for more information on pre-departure testing and documentation to enter New Zealand.

Wear a Mask

You must wear a mask for the duration of your flight while traveling to New Zealand and in all New Zealand airports. A cloth or surgical mask is acceptable. You may remove your mask to eat and drink, or if directed by an airline or government official. Children ages 11 or younger and anyone with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask and can provide a medical certificate as evidence do not need to wear a mask.

Testing on Arrival

Vaccinated and eligible travelers entering New Zealand will be given a pack of rapid antigen tests (RATs), with instructions, at the airport. You must take 2 tests, one on the day you arrive in New Zealand and another on Day 5/6 of your stay in New Zealand.
Children under 6 months do not need to self-test on arrival.

You must report both RAT results, whether you test negative or positive. You will receive an email from the New Zealand Ministry of Health after you complete your traveler declaration. Follow the instructions in the email and report your results using the link in the email.

Learn more about reporting your test results and what to do if you receive a positive result from the New Zealand Covid-19 website.

Traveling with Children

Children under 17 are considered fully vaccinated, meaning they may travel without a vaccination. However, it is recommended that if your child is able to get vaccinated, that they do so before they travel. All children over the age of 2 will still need to meet the same testing requirements before departure and after arriving in New Zealand.

For more information about restrictions and requirements to travel to New Zealand, click here.

To Return to the USA

As of June 12, 2022, air passengers will not need to get tested and show a negative COVID-19 test result or show documentation of recovery from COVID-19 prior to boarding a flight to the United States regardless of vaccination status or citizenship. Please note, the CDC’s Order requiring proof of vaccination for non-citizen nonimmigrants to travel to the United States is still in effect. For more information, see COVID-19 Vaccination Travel Information on the U.S. Department of State’s travel website.

Stay up to date on USA travel restrictions:

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